Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Why Infernity wasn't successful at Charlotte and the solution

"Infernity Archfiend"
Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Today I'm going to 'thrill' you with yet another of my Infernity posts. Now, towards the start of this format, many Infernity players were optimistic. However, I was not one of them. As you can tell by the recent results at YCS Charlotte, what few Infernity players that were there were shot down.

There are a few reasons for this. First and foremost, Infernity has a tiny player base; not many people are using the deck anymore. Additionally, the skill levels of what few players we have is... sub par to say the least. If you've seen the quality of players using this deck, or if you've read the hideous Infernity thread on Pojo, you will learn quickly how incompetent many Infernity users are.

Forgive me for that short rant. Moving on, I don't think Infernity players were meta prepared. In retrospect, should I have gone to such an event, I would have made some major changes to the main deck. With continuous cards running rampant in the current meta, I would like to have maxed out on MST and mained a Dust Tornado or two. The most likely candidate for being dropped is either my beloved Archfiend's Roar, the Book of Moon which is becoming more ineffective every day, Trap Stun or Infernity Break. MST and DT would have made life so much easier for Infernity players.

Those two main deck choices would have quite happily dealt with GKs and Dragunity, and would have eased the burden of the Samurai match up. Only testing will tell.



  1. The primary problem with Infernities are Gravekeepers. Remove those and your issues are alleviated by a great deal.

    Anti-DARK is also annoying, but I'm sure you can counter that.

  2. Infernity may see more play in YCS Paris depending on the Legality of Hidden Arsenal 4 (as Europe tends to get sets on a Friday). If so the we'll see the first proper Post-Trish builds then (as Hundred Eyes Dragon will finally be legal again over here)

  3. @Valafar123: when trishula and Hundred Eyes Dragon come back, i will play Infernity again (will need to test a lot to get used to it again).
    also when you make a Inf. deck, you should main 2 DT and 2 MST, so GK wont be a problem.
    keep on testing. Infernity is not dead yet.

  4. @Allan Assiduity: Yes, you are correct. In fact, continuous spell/trap cards in general have been a big cause of Infernity related losses recently. The problem I normally have with MST/Dust is against decks that do not use continuous cards of any kind. Then, they tend to be inactive.

    However, with such a drastic change in the meta, I decides to drop Trap Stun in favor of a second MST and Dust.

    @Kokuyoku: Agreed, though I'm going to go out on a limb and say Wurm is better than Trish for my purposes. Mono-destruction has never worked well for me in the past.

    @Heavy shit eater: Cool, I'll keep this blog updated with Infernity shenanigans then. I'll side the second dust, it's overkill to main 2.

    And you're right, Infernity is wounded, but not dead.