Sunday, 13 March 2011

TMW Expands to a more arty side

Yup we're finally moving on into making team banners and whatnot.

Here are some renders that we will be using for the first banner. The next banner will probably be a Solemn Warning and Pot of Duality banner.

This one went pretty well and I'm proud of it.

This one was pretty difficult and has some small errors in it.

Feel free to use them as you please.



  1. We should clearly make a Wisel Ein/Gearframe banner.

  2. Now you just need a Stratos render, and you'll have the three best lv4 1800 atk searchers...

  3. @Allan: As sexy as Kikouhei Wisel Ein is, I don't think we need a banner dedicated to it.

    @Zilla: I was thinking about that a while ago =P

    @Everybody: I've got a rough PoD/Solemn Warning banner at the top, it's a tad small, but it's fine for now. Someone has offered to make a better one.

  4. Gearframe/Wisel Ein.

    If it was Grannel Ein, it'd fit the non-Karakuri Machine types in my current 'kuri build.