Monday, 28 February 2011

If you can't beat them...

"Gravekeeper's Visionary"

As the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them.

This format is proving to be extremely hostile already, and for those of you who know me, you'll know that I'm loving every second of it. The omnipotent Legendary Six Samurai have already taken center stage for this format, followed closely behind by Gravekeeper's and, more likely than not, X-Sabers. Of course, in such a format I wouldn't dare to play anything that loses to any of these meta decks. Hence I will be keeping Infernity as a casual deck and a casual deck only.

So, you may be thinking, "What on earth is Valafar up to this time?". If the image wasn't obvious enough, I will be playing Gravekeeper's. My tastes point me towards control decks, and Gravekeeper's are the best control deck that has seen the light of day in years. With the ability to ruthlessly shut down your opponent's plays and mercilessly pummel their opponents into dust, Gravekeeper's were my deck of choice.

Whilst my second and third copies of "Pot of Duality" will be annoying to attain, I will have completed this deck within the next 2 or 3 months. Moving on, here is the deck list I intend to use.


Monsters [15]
[3] Gravekeeper's Recruiter
[3] Gravekeeper's Spy
[3] Gravekeeper's Commandant
[3] Gravekeeper's Descendant
[3] Gravekeeper's Assailant

Spells [14]
[2] Royal Tribute
[2] Mystical Space Tyhpoon
[3] Pot of Duality
[2] Gravekeeper's Stele
[1] Dark Hole
[2] Necrovalley
[1] Book of Moon
[1] Allure of Darkness

Traps [11]
[2] Solemn Warning
[1] Solemn Judgment
[1] Torrential Tribute
[1] Mirror Force
[2] Bottomless Trap Hole
[2] Dimensional Prison
[2] Starlight Road

Extra Deck [9]
[3] Stardust Dragon
[3] Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
[3] Cyber End Dragon


There are a few changes I may make to the deck list. I may drop "Torrential Tribute" in favor of "Compulsory Evacuation Device" like many other GK players. Additionally, depending on how it tests, I may also drop the third "Gravekeeper's Assailant".

If any of you have any tips or suggestions, please leave them below. Please leave a comment and don't forget to click the follow button. =)



  1. 3 Assailants feel kind of heavy, I would drop 1, but for what I don't know yet. Perhaps a Royal Oppression or something.

  2. I'm guessing Malefic CED/Stardust are in the Extra Deck.

    I'd recommend dropping an Assailant - probably for another Necrovalley.

  3. Yeah, do
    -1 Assailant
    +1 Oppression


  4. I aggree with MrX. You should drop an assailant for an oppression.
    Also, I personally would recommend 1-2 spirit reaper, but that's just me.

  5. And you only need 2 necrovalley

  6. @LFN: I may try that, but Royal Oppression interferes with my manual flips. Then again, it does help a lot against the meta. It depends on how prolific Trap Stun becomes.

    @Allan: I will side the third Necrovalley. Normally, I don't need all 3. There are some destruction heavy match-ups where it will be needed though.

    @mrxtothez: See my response to LFN.

    @Cyberzilla: Spirit Reaper is overkill. Most experienced players tend to empty their hand ASAP once they realize they are facing GKs. I also don't want the monster count any higher. I may try Mind Crush though.

  7. Reaper's a good stall, and a way to combat an opponent who expends his resources rapidly against Gravekeepers.

  8. @Allan: They will burn their resources quickly against GKs anyway. Spy has 2500 DEF, I don't see them getting over stuff like that.

  9. @Val: Synchro Summoning into >2500ATK monsters (e.g. Scrap Dragon). Granted, such monsters can help counter Reaper, too...