Saturday, 19 February 2011

Beyond February 2011

So, as the September 2010 format nears it's last full week, we simply must ask ourselves - what awaits us in the next six months?

Well, I cannot claim to be omniscient. We will likely be welcoming in the Exceed Monsters - in the OCG, this is no less than a month away. Starter Deck 2011 will be released into the public, bringing the Exceed monsters with it - and a month after that, Generation Force descends. And just two weeks before, the banlist arrives, striking Gateways from the decks of Six Samurai players everywhere.

This is all quite obvious; will we see Synchro Monsters squabbling with their Exceed counterparts for space in the Extra Deck? But of course. But this is natural - it will resolve itself, I am sure.

But first, I'd like to examine the some of the topping decks in the OCG for a moment - the banlist has hit them all, as I'm sure you'll agree.

The Legend of the Six Samurai

As the Shien's Dojo support card blows in, Gateway blows out. Or two of them do - with a single Gateway, the Six Sams remain strong, while not being as awesome as they once were.

Yet, with the choice of cards they have... the Samurai's Synchro Summons seem to have not faltered too much. Shien's Dojo has great potential; by summoning a single Six Samurai, you may call Shien's Squire to the field. If you summon two, it's a Kagemusha. While Shien's Dojo is not open to the antics that Gateway causes, it's still potent in it's own right. But, as before, Truth Reinforce could do that - it was just slightly slower. Know this: Six Sams are still a potent threat. While the TCG will not be seeing Shien's Dojo for some time, it still has to contend with the Six Samurai - that alone is a daunting task.

The biggest issue for Six Sam users now is really quite obvious - hand advantage. Gateway made all forms of shenanigans possible; but with a single Gateway in the deck, Six Samurai are going to need to be careful to not simply run out of resources. And of course, defending one's Gateway is now something of a priority, because Six Samurai decks cannot get it back at present. Musanaki Magatama will likely become something of a commodity now - destroying Mystical Space Typhoons before they rip that Gateway to shreds.


Now, if I may be blunt... they took a beating. It seems that Konami has finally tired of seeing Blackwings around and has taken a swing at them. Most "basic" Blackwings decks probably lost over an eighth of their deck with the banlist, and that's not accounting for the change in the metagame. Blackwings have been kicking around for a while now - despite their losses... I can see the deck staying on. It'll have to re-energise itself and perhaps mix up their playstyle a little more.

My thoughts on these guys are more brief than I'd hoped them to be, but I simply don't have the experience with them.

Agent Angels

Now, something pure TCG players may not be so familiar with. In short, this is a deck type based around LIGHT Fairies. It's a lot more potent than it sounds.

The main issue with this deck is that it's been largely overshadowed by the Six Samurai, who had a much more rapid pace, even if this deck had the power to seal off special summons. If you're wondering why Honest got Limited, and Archlord Kristya Semi-Limited... it's this deck.

While the loss of Honest must sting (the Semi-Limit on Kristya isn't too big a deal - not all Agent Angels ran triple Kristya), the deck is, all in all, fairly strong. They still retain plentiful strength of force and destruction thanks to Master Hyperion, Kristya isn't that hard to scour for (triple Pot of Duality and Treasure of Heaven is a lot of draw power, and they can always start adding Upstart Goblins) and easy to summon. Master Hyperion is a... master at graveyard control.

It is still a Control Aggro deck, which has been weakened a little on both fronts - but not majorly. The Agent of Mystery - Earth searches out The Agent of Creation - Venus. Venus' effect lets you drop 1500LP to summon three Mystic Shine Balls, which are used for White Elephant's Gift or Synchro fodder with Earth. And if you do use them with Earth for Synchro fodder, go into a Level Eight. Why? That's four Fairies in the grave - call up Kristya, if you want. Or you can RFP Earth for a Master Hyperion - or remove Venus and keep four Fairies in the grave to summon Kristya.

I am of the belief that the future looks bright for Angel Agents; with Blackwings and Six Samurai's weakening, perhaps they can shine just a little brighter.

Debris Dandy

A very similar set of restrictions here - a Limit on one card, and a Semi-Limit on another. Debris has gone to two, Dandylion to one.

Yet, like a hydra, I doubt the deck is dead - or, rather, the concept behind the deck. Partially severing this head lets another grow - I personally think the Junk Doppel concept looks particularly strong, but time will tell for this one. Debris Dandy has taken a hit to consistency, as has Plant Synchro - but whether the players will soar like the phoenix and rise from the ashes, I am unable to tell at this time.

Signing off a lengthy first post, Allan Assiduity.


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