Sunday, 27 February 2011

Perfecting Infernity 6 - Format Alterations and Meta Changes

Hello, fellow Bloggers. Valafar123 here actually making a post for once. As you may guess from the title, today's topic will be about Infernity and what changes need to be made for the upcoming Forbidden and Limited card list. Not only that, but I'll be talking about how the ban list actually benefited Infernity in a big way.

For all of you who have not yet seen the new list, follow this link.

The ban list has been losses all round, nobody really gained much from it. The only major benefit of the list is the fact that other decks lost more than we did. Unfortunately, Six Samurais will continue to dominate in both the OCG and TCG, forcing Infernity to alter their play style tremendously. They only lost two copies of "Gateway of the Six", which ultimately did very little. Additionally, in EXVC, they will gain a replacement in the form of "Shien's Dojo". Samurais are a threat that needs to be addressed urgently.

"Gozen Match" seems to be the best option. It limits their capacity to produce "Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En" whilst hardly affecting the Infernity main and extra deck. "Dark End Dragon" also does an excellent job of bypassing "Musakani Magatama".

Blackwings took a surprising turn for the worst. With "Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow" finally out of the way, your attacks with "Infernity Archfiend" will become more powerful. Blackwings will decrease in playability with the losses they took, which is somewhat ironic considering they are one of Infernity's easiest match ups. It is unnecessary to side for them any longer, but beware of chaos variants.

On the topic of chaos, "Chaos Sorcerer" finally took the final step from Forbidden to Unlimited. This will most likely cause a surge in chaos decks. This could become problematic very quickly considering we only have 1 "Book of Moon" at our disposal now. Of course, an experienced Infernity player will have their own removal counters in the side deck, so this may not be that much of a problem.

Debris Plants took a harder hit than expected with the re-limitation of "Dandylion" and the semi-limitation of "Debris Dragon". The deck will now be forced to rely on "Junk Synchron" and "Dopple Warrior", meaning that we are much less likely to incur a "Black Rose Dragon" nuke. "Royal Decree" will still be an annoyance, but don't forget there are ways to exploit "Royal Decree" for your own advantage. Most level 5 Synchros are harmless to Infernity, so we benefited a lot from this deck's weakening.

Gravekeeper's remain strong. "Pot of Duality" is still at 3, as is "Necrovalley". The deck did lose a "Royal Tribute", but sadly that didn't do very much to Infernity due to either (a) the low monster count or (b) being handless. "Solemn Warning" is semi-limited. This doesn't really affect Infernity that much, but at least your combos are more likely to be successful. With so many match-ups involving continuous cards, it would be wise to side 2 copies of "Dust Tornado".

X-Sabers. among other decks, lost "Cold Wave". This is immensely beneficial to Infernity. We no longer need to fear nukes since we have the capacity to stop them, and we no longer need to worry about being forced to have a hand. X-Sabers still pack triple "Trap Stun", so if Sabers see a surge in play, it may be wise to swap our mained "Trap Stuns" for "Seven Tools of the Bandit". "Goyo Guardian" and its "Infernity Archfiend" stealing powers are no longer a threat to use either, which is a nice touch.

It is bittersweet that "Book of Moon" is now limited. It makes out "Trap Stuns" more powerful, but it weakens "Infernity Archfiend", making "Bottomless Trap Hole" and "Dimensional Prison" much more threatening. Unbeknownst to many players, Infernity was granted a replacement in STOR in the form of "Forbidden Lance". This card is wonderful support for us. It makes "Infernity Archfiend" a lot more likely to survive effects. Additionally, it makes big monsters like "Stardust Dragon" smaller than Archfiend, meaning we can just Lance them and run their monster over.

We are the last remaining deck in existence that can produce "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" three times in one turn. It isn't confirmed, but it is speculated that Trish, much like its predecessor "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", will be unlimited from release. This could mean that Infernity may once again see the light of day.

Monarchs are still Monarchs. Continue to play against them as normal. Sided "D.D. Warrior Ladies" or "Banishers of the Radiance" normally do the trick. Not much else to say about them.

That's all for today's post. If you feel that I am missing anything, please leave a comment below. Don't forget to follow this blog! =)



  1. Experimental anti-Frognarch card: Karma Cut? Probably less viable than Chain Disappearance, though?

    Or maybe Cloak and Dagger...

  2. Karma Kut is no good to me because I can't meet the cost >.<

    It's like I said though, Banisher of the Radiance shuts them down pretty quickly.