Saturday, 5 February 2011

Steelswarm Are Awesome

"Steelswarm Caucastag"

I really do like these guys. I will play them once they are released in the TCG. For those of you who don't know, Steelswarm are a series of DARK attribute, Fiend type monsters that place their strengths in the ability to tribute summon powerful monsters very quickly.

I consider them the new monarchs, albeit different in their approach. Steelswarm may lack the splashability that Monarchs posses, but they compensate for it with 1 thing: They possess direct support.

These guys will come in the TCG sets DT05 and HA05. They will be well supported from the get go and I have high hopes for these guys.

If anybody is willing to participate in a discussion about these guys, there is a vets thread on Pojo specifically for this archetype.

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  1. They do see like a pretty good self-sustained archetype. I tested them a bit and seemed pretty good. I might keep an eye out for them once released if I'm still in this game.