Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Exceeds Monsters: Confirmation by Shriek

"No. 17, Revise Dragon" - Manga Artwork

Looks like our speculation is over.


Exceed Monsters and Exceed Summoning:
- Exceed Monsters are colored black and reside in the Extra Deck
- Instead of a Level, they have a Rank. This Rank is depicted as a row of stars extending from the left-hand side of the card (opposite to where the level is normally depicted).

No. 39, Aspiring Emperor Hope
Rank 4 LIGHT
Warrior / Exceed / Effect
Material: 2 level 4 monsters

No. 17, Revise Dragon
Rank 3 WATER
Dragon / Exceed / Effect
Material: 2 level 3 monsters

I'm not certain how the overlay mechanic works, but I can say without a doubt that Exceed monsters will be a prominent force within the metagame. I can think of a few decks that can produce these guys with ease.

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