Friday, 22 April 2011

Infernity Players Rejoyce!


Admittedly, when I saw this I jumped for joy. Infernity really needed something like this for a very very long time. It's by no means perfect, but considering there isn't a better substitute, I'll take what I'm given. It doesn't have the capacity to make Archfiend plays, and the Necro plays are a lot weaker with this card. However, the ability to empty monsters on to the field is something Infernity has been soreley lacking for the past year. The ability to make combo pieces appear so much quicker is amazing. Inferno may be outdated now.

It essentially allows for slightly higher monster counts and removes the fear of catastrophic openings. I'm glad Konami balanced this card, we don't want another Rescue Cat on our hands. I think they may have overdone it slightly though. However, we can take Infernity in a completely different direction soon.


So Konami basically made Rescue Cat #2. It's fitting how it used to be Sabers with Kitty at their disposal and now Infernity has their own one. I'm really liking the idea of Infernity Cat. Broken? Not yet. Will it be? Most likely.

I quite like the idea of Exceed into Empty Space Sea Serpent Levaiel, sending Necromancer to the Graveyard and reusing Stygian or an RFP'd Archfiend.

Konami, I love you.



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  2. Sangan's effect won't trigger because exceed material monsters aren't considered on the field