Thursday, 5 May 2011

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Dark Armed Dragon
"Dark Armed Dragon"
Hello members of the Yu-Gi-Oh! blogosphere. Please accept my most humble apologies for my recent absence. As I'm sure most of you know, sometimes life intervenes against children's trading card games.

In what little free time I have had, I decided to be unnecessarily cruel by building Tele-DAD. I don't mean a modern version, I mean THE Tele-DAD. I decided to restrict myself to cards that were available during September 08 format just to give my opponents some kind of fighting chance.

Needless to say, I have yet to lose a match. The sheer ferocity of the deck is stunning. I have never seen a deck ignore a Torrential Tribute and still do almost enough damage for game, it's very brutal. I was very careful to make observations on the deck as I was mercilessly beating my opponent into a pulp.

This is where a little bit of controversy comes in. A heavily debated card (on Pojo at least) is Heavy Storm. A lot of people want it back. I myself have always been anti-Storm, mainly due to my bias towards control deck I will admit. However, when I saw Tele-DAD in action, my anti-Storm position was taken to a whole new level. I'm not exaggerating when I say 100% of my game wins are a consequence of Heavy's existence, even if I don't draw it.

A lot of my local meta consists of players who weren't present during Tele-DAD format, hence why my exercise was necessary to change people's views. All of my victims so far have become anti-Storm supporters. Taking into consideration how pro-Storm some of these people were, I call it a job well done on my behalf.

When you are so terrified to set more than 1 Spell or Trap in fear of one card, you lack the ability to form an adequate defense against such decks. As I said before, one set Torrential will not help you against these kinds of decks. Even more disgustingly, cards like Mystical Space Typhoon become Harpie's Feather Duster very quickly.

If you lack the capacity to stop such an aggressive deck, which was sadly the case in the Storm formats, you will lose. This eradicates any sort of defensive decks, which clearly isn't good for sales or the health of the game.

With exceeds on the horizon, I have become very concerned about the back row. Let's hope that Konami sticks with their new found logic and keeps Heavy Storm banned. I don't think anybody wants a repeat of Tele-DAD format.



Support anti-Storm if you hate Tele-DAD!

Support anti-Storm!


  1. I rated this awesome.

    I'm not surprised that the people supporting for Heavy Storm to come back never faced the power of Tele-DAD.

    Some of the duelists I know think it's silly that Heavy Storm is banned so I will probably show them this. If this doesn't convince them, then I guess I will make a Tele-DAD deck like you did and beat them with it LOL.

  2. I still am Pro-Storm just because of my bias against backrow wars... I stopped playing competitively in Tele-DAD format but I know how godlike the deck is as I've built it before on YVD and the videogames.

    Heavy Storm does win duels but the reason it was so devastating to your opponents was because they were playing their new format decks in this format's style of Backrow Wars as that is what they became accustomed to against a deck that runs the very card that upon banning started this kind of play.

    My stance is that Heavy Storm is both healthy and unhealthy for the game and a middleground may need to be reached... I personally run 2x MST 2x Dust and 1x Seven Tools in most decks now due to not having Heavy Storm...

    I like Backrow wars because it's kind of like the anime but at the same time monsters are a lot less important now than before...

  3. I started playing YGO at Nov 2007, when Dark Armed Dragon just came out. Then I realized most of the games were won, or lost, because of Heavy Storm. Since then, I have hoped Heavy Storm got banned.

    Before Heavy Storm got banned, I have only created one deck without it. Having Heavy Storm just promotes too many aggressive plays.

  4. Heavy Storm was only scary in Teledad because all of the draw power made it come up far more often than it should normally. You also cannot blame Heavy Storm for the damage that the monsters and mass special summoning were doing to the game. Heavy Storm was never considered broken until DAD came out.

    Heavy Storm is no different than Torrential Tribute or Mirror Force or any other power card - it must be played around accordingly, or risk consequences. This is the foundation of skilled plays in Yugioh.

    tl:dr, if you don't like Heavy Storm, play Starlight Road.

  5. @Kamitsure: Use a "desensitized" build. Most Tele-DAD decks were designed to kill other Tele-DAD decks. Make sure you remove all the mirror match cards before slaughtering the opposition.

    @Yuginshin: The difference is that monsters are very easy to replace. Most decks posses monsters that float. Be it the Gadgets, the Worm engine, the Infernity engine, Machina Gearframe, Sangan, Darksoul, etc. Cards like Monster Reborn and Pot of Avarice also exist, meaning that monsters are disposable.

    Spells and Traps, however, for the most part aren't and never have been self-replacing. The only commonplace exception to this rule is Miracle Synchro Fusion. I don't mind being Dark Hole'd because my monsters can be replaced at a moment's notice. For most decks, this is not the case.

    @petqwe: I'm so glad I have people that are on my wavelength. Thanks for backing me up.

    @Michael Bonacini: I respect your merit as a player, but you are dismissing some key facts. Spells and traps are, for the most part, irreplaceable. People never used to set much in fear of Heavy because their spells and traps were irreplaceable. That effectively means that one cannot form a proper defense.

    This is where decks like Tele-DAD come in. Whether or not Heavy is drawn is totally irrelevant. You will know this after being on both ends of the deck. The abnormally high draw power is used to make the aggression happen faster, nothing else. There aren't many decks that can swarm that quickly anymore, but there are certainly decks that can make swarms as strong as or stronger than a Tele-DAD field in the current metagame. Right now, the back row prevents these sorts of plays from happening out of the blue.

    Heavy Storm is VERY different from Torrential Tribute or Mirror Force, or even Dark Hole for that matter. Heavy Storm hits an irreplaceable asset, whereas the aforementioned three do not.

    Starlight Road vs. Heavy Storm format (late Sep09 in the OCG and Mar10 in both) were by far the least skillful and most luck based formats I have ever seen. It was a case of who drew what first.

    If you analyze the current meta, nobody is maining SLR. Nobody really cares about monster nukes. Monsters are replaceable, spells and traps are not.

  6. The game does need a card like heavy storm to be less annoying. Heavy did make things very sacky but that was because of how much crap came out in one turn. Back when we had heavy people only ran around 5 traps. Before we had all this nonsense special summons turn 2 GG nonsense Heavy Storm was still legal...

    During the CC years we had Heavy Storm but people only ran around 5 traps, not due to being scared of storm but because we had all of those broken spells and monsters (Almost all of which have been banned for years). Back when we had 1 MST people still only ran 5 traps... MST back then was dangerous... I even laugh at MST now "How can this help me through that 4 set backrow of crap and Shi En."

    Heavy did terrorize people of setting too many things but at the same time it made chainable trap cards like Threatening Roar relevant. Now why would you run T.Roar when you can just as easily negate the summon with your Solemn Warning (Which back under Heavy days wouldn't be played at all as it would just get destroyed before going off).

    If you analyze the current meta, nobody is maining Pot of Avarice except decks that have replaceable monsters... Sams die immediately if they get hit by Dark Hole/Mirror Force/Torrential Tribute and there is little chance of a comeback. Giant Trunade on Sams does nothing as they still have their indomitable monsters of negation (assuming they don't outright negate your Giant Trunade). Same story with Gravekeepers... I have had many a time to protect an attack position spy... due to it being the only monster I would see for awhile.

    Monster Nukes are extremely powerful this meta... There is no Spell/Trap Nuke this meta... But when we had Heavy Storm... Monster Nukes weren't all that great... Spell/Trap Nukes were extremely powerful... except you only hit about 2 traps with Heavy...

    Another thing is that People run more than double the traps they used to run due to there being less useful spells and more useful traps due to the banning of Heavy Storm.

    Note: I played most competitively during the CC years and Troop Dupe. I stopped playing competitively from the beginning of the Return DAD era... I started again competitively from Storm of Ragnarok.

    Anyway that is what I think... remember I am completely biased towards the more skillful formats. I don't feel skillful setting enough traps to stop 2 summons/attacks and 1 to nuke the field and 1 to negate their negation and then either setting a Spy or summoning Rai-Oh... I just feel like a real douche (Yes this happens a lot)... Right now it just isn't fun to play (Though it's tons of fun to win).

  7. Sigh I just realized I put skillful and fun in the same paragraph... take out the skillful and replace it with fun except "I don't feel skillful..."