Monday, 9 May 2011

Gold Series 4: Arceus's Predictions

If you are not aware, the first six Gold Series 4 Gold Rares were announced to be Doomcaliber Knight, Gravekeeper's Spy, Tytannial, Princess of Camellias, Royal Oppression, Five-Headed Dragon, and Obelisk the Tormentor. This leaves up with twelve remaining gold rares. Here are my predictions on what to expect.

1. Ehren, Lightsworn Monk

For some odd reason, I have a feeling that Konami will try to promote Lightsworns in Gold Series 4. If this is true, expect to see some common LS in here. Also, Ehren is overdue for a reprint.

2. Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

Just like Ehren, Fossil Dyna is long overdue for a reprint. It has been seeing quite a bit of play in many side decks at regional/YCS events. Gold Series 4 seems like a good place for it, and if not in here expect to see it as a Super Rare promo in a Special Edition.

3. Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

Ryko has been used as a mill engine in many decks the past formats, such Plants, Zombies, and Scraps. Also, this goes back to my thought of Lightsworns being in GLD4.

4. Elemental Hero Absolute Zero

As of now, Absolute Zero is an illegal card in Europe due to it being released in the GX manga. This gives Europeans a chance to play a long desired card. Also, with the increase of Miracle Gemini decks, AZ would seem like a good choice.

5. Chain Disappearance

This card has only been released as a rare in one of the original Yu-Gi-Oh sets. It has reached an extreme price of 10$, and is only a rare. Also, Chain Disa has been one of the most played cards in the side deck for this format.

6. Spirit Reaper

Spirit Reaper recently went to 2 on the March 2011 banlist. It's a good card for stalling against swarming decks, a Debris Dragon target, and serves as fodder for Monarchs.

7. Beast King Barbaros

Just like Absolute Zero, Barbaros is illegal in Europe due to it being released in the Shonen Jump. With Skill Drain going to 3, Skill Drain decks will have an easier time finding Barbaros.

8. Dimensional Prison

This one I'm not sure on. D Prison went up in price quite a bit, and was only released as a Super in a video game and as a common in a structure deck.

9. Foolish Burial

Foolish is a very versitle card that has been used in many decks, such as Plants, Lightsworns, and any other decks that involve milling. This gives players that can't afford Super Rare Foolish to be able to play a holo version of the card.

10. Trap Stun

Trap Stun has never been made into a holo. It's one of those staples people want holo so they could bling out their decks.

11. Black Rose Dragon

Despite its popularity, this card is hard to come by. It's only reprint was the collector tins from 2008, making this card due for reprint.

12. Meklord Emperor Wisel

This may seem like an odd choice, but I think Wisel will be in GLD4. I doubt it will be released in the Shonen Jump magazine or as an OCG import in a future pack. With all of the Meklord support released, I'm thinking Konami will want to get this card out there before the next set is released.

That's all for my Gold Series 4 predictions. Expect a DotM to be posted in the coming days.



  1. agree with most of them but would like to see gemeni spark as gold rare as well as dimensional fissure, and why not mist wurm/catastor also.

  2. No Mist Wurm or Catastor because HA: Special Edition will be coming out soon.

  3. But Mist Wurm and Catastor aren't the cards you get for buying it... so they still have to be pulled from packs... and in a HA:Special Edition you get 1 HA1, 1 HA2, and 1HA3. I'd of course love a Gold Lyla as it hasn't seen a real reprint and went up in usefulness.

  4. That Ehren better be true, I had the chance to get one for twelve dollars and I DIDN'T GET IT! DX Oh well -__-



  6. Wisel was confirmed by Jumpman to be in the September issue of SJ.