Monday, 5 March 2012

Quick Update

I got a request from Pojo for my current Infernity build, so I thought I'd post it here in tandem with an update.

I might do a review on this after I post my Tele-Zombie deck list. I just need to get more play testing done.

Also, I'm feeling a lot of negativity on my last post. I'm going to guess it was any of the following:
  • The quality of the post was poor. I've got the balls to admit it, it wasn't as good as some of the posts I've done in the past. It's hard to go in depth about something I've already talked about and hasn't changed much, so my apologies if that was the problem. I'll try to keep it fresh in future and put a little more time into my deck profiles.
  • Storm fanboys.
  • The deck itself. Maybe people don't like the build. That's fair enough I guess, but it's been solid in testing. To each their own.
Please leave a comment so I know what I'm doing wrong. :/

Also, why I it whenever I run a deck with 9 monsters I open with 5 of them, and when I run a deck with 24+ monsters I open with only 1. Oh DN, why must you troll me. -.-



  1. Still a fan of Infernities I see!

    What is the last monster on your extra deck?

    1. I think it is Verz Ouroboros

  2. @MaX: Yes, I love my Infernities. As Lost Blue Breaker Said, it's Verz Ouroboros AKA substitute Trish with equally badass art and effect.

  3. Also, loving the new blogger comment layout. So much neater.