Saturday, 3 March 2012

LIGHT/Hero Beat for March 2012

Here's one of the decks I mentioned in my earlier post. It's doing better than I expected.


  • Cyber Dragon: I still main and side a CyDra. It's good for those pesky 2000 DEF walls and is a nice counter to Zenmaines, which can be a very frustrating card.
  • Thunder King Rai-Oh: good card is still good. Dropping this on turn 1 is crippling to most meta decks. Inzektors do get around him, which is annoying, but it's very nice against everything else. His negation effect works through Skill Drain, which is always a bonus. Having a 1900 Black Horn of Heaven on legs when your opponent's monsters are limited to mere beatsticks is very good. Verz Heliotrope gives TKRO issues, however.
  • E - Emergency Call: I see a lot of OCG builds use it, so I thought I'd give it a go. It's decent, but I'll probably drop it to 1. Luckily Skill Drain removes the conflict with TKRO.
  • Miracle Fusion: bumping it to 3 because of Grapha. Sided out Skill Drains, sided in DCK, MST and Sack Storm.
  • Compulsory Evacuation Device: still good. Another out to Zenmaines and a very nice disruptive card. Two was overkill, one is perfect.
  • Dimensional Prison: dropped to 2 because of Sack Storm. It's been very good in testing. Most people don't see it coming and it makes TKRO very hard to deal with for some decks.
  • Mirror Force: I still like it. With SLR mained, it becomes very good.
  • Skill Drain: best anti-meta card of the format without a doubt. It renders the big three decks totally useless.
  • Solemn Brigade: this is a control deck. Enough said.
  • Starlight Road: I mained 2 last time Sack Storm was legal and I main 2 now. Very good card, especially with DH legal and TT at 2. Most decks don't have many outs to back row because Storm does the work for them. Being able to shut down their enabler is nice. It also lets you safely put 2+ monsters on the field without risking 1/5 of all of your monsters.
  • Torrential Tribute: nice against a lot of decks. This deck keeps a low monster presence, so it fits nicely in here.
  • Hero Blast: too slow so I dropped it.
  • Bottomless Trap Hole: redundant thanks to TT.
  • Doomcalibur Knight: strong generic side card. Works through Skill Drain so you can stop hand and graveyard shenanigans.
  • Maxx "C": Wind-ups.
  • Snowman Eater: Rabbit.
  • Abyssal Designator: It's dueling network; I play against a lot of Exodia decks.
  • Sack Storm: for anything that's annoying.
  • Mystical Space Typhoon: good against some decks.
  • Super Polymerization: mostly for the mirror match.
  • Chain Disappearance: it really hurts a lot of decks, namely Inzektors. Mostly for lower tier decks though.
Next up will be Teleport Zombies.


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