Friday, 10 June 2011

Armory Arm OTK is dead?

Armory Arm

As many of you will know, there used to be an OTK with Armory Arm and Colossal Fighter. This was achieved by equipping Armory Arm to an opposing monster and then continuously ramming Colossal Fighter into the equipped monster until you dealt enough damage to win. For a long time, this OTK was exclusive to the TCG due to a ruling difference.

However, now Kevin has implemented a new ruling. The new ruling states that the monster needs to be in the Graveyard to calculate the damage, much like how Black Whirlwind requires the monster to be on the field. Technically speaking, the OTK is still possible, but it requires 2 Colossal Fighters in order to work. It is still impossible in the OCG as (correct me if I'm wrong) either Armory Arm or Colossal Fighter will miss the timing for their effect.

This new ruling renders the old Fish OTK useless. However, Fish OTK is considered obsolete due to the FTK counterpart courtesy of Bahamut and Michael Bonacini. Consequently, the meta has not been affected very much. Infernity isn't particularly bothered about the loss of the OTK, mainly due to the fact that Hundred-Eyes OTK is a lot more powerful and can be done with the same components. I do believe that plants could pull of this OTK, however, they win the game with general synchro spam so losing one extra deck combo won't hurt them.

Armory Arm will still see play mainly due to it being the only generic level 4 synchro. I can't say the same about Colossal Fighter. In the past it was a good Honest/Kalut counter as well as a counter to 2800 ATK monsters. Now however, its use may be limited. It's not particularly effective anymore, so it may see reduced usage on the whole.

On another note, I appreciate the honest feedback on my previous posts.



  1. The otk is not impossible!

    It can still be done if you have another Colossal Fighter in the graveyard!

    it's just not easy to pull off and not worth the effort!

  2. Nooooooooooo my favorite otk xD

  3. Fish still has an active OTK with Armory.


    Oyster/Fishborg twice for 2 Armory.

    Equip to the opp monster.

    Fishborg+token for Formula, Fisborg+token for Recipro Dragonfly. Formula+Dragonfly for Armory. Equip 3rd to opp monster. Coelacanth attacks equipped monster.


  4. Dragunity is the only deck at the moment that can use Colossal Fighter somewhat effectively since that deck basically spams lv.8 and because it's better than Red Dragon Archfiend.

    Colossal Fighter is also a good check to Scrap Dragon, a card that Dragunities have some problem with.