Tuesday, 4 October 2011

D-Boyz In Da 'Hood

If you are not aware yet, Konami has announced another TCG exclusive in addition to Alexandrite Dragon and Wind-Up Zenmaines called D-Boyz.

As you can see, D-Boyz's picture is quite odd. It features three people who appear to be from the "Ghetto." I feel that this type of artwork is something Konami would not make due to the name and appearance not being "kid friendly" or "child appropriate."

Onto the actual card. D-Boyz is a Level 1 Dark Fiend-Type Monster with 100 ATK and 1000 DEF. It has a Flip Effect in which you can Special Summon up to two D-Boyz from your Deck, but you take 1000 damage for each 1. It was obviously designed for making Rank 1 Xyz's such as Number 83: Galaxy Queen and Baby Tiragon. However, these monsters aren't worth the effort put into summoning them. And to top it off, D-Boyz is a Secret Rare that requires a playset to properly use. In my eyes, this was a poor attempt to promote Rank 1 Xyz's.

The only use I can see for this card is in Mystic Piper decks. First, it's another level 1 target for Piper and Kinka-Byo. Second, it's a Dark monster to fuel your Chaos boss monsters. Finally, it easily fills the Graveyard for cards like Pot of Avarice.



  1. If I opened this in a pack, I'd flip a table. Terrible card.

  2. I'm still scratching my head over this one.