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Perfecting Infernity 3 - The Spells

Continuing from the last post, we are now moving on to the spells. Since Infernity happens to be low on spells, this post will be shorter than the previous 2. This is mainly due to the fact that the weapon of mass destruction, "Infernity Launcher", is now limited.

On the topic of "Infernity Launcher", here's our first card.

"Infernity Launcher's" might last format was ungodly. Even with its recent limiting, it is still the most powerful spell in the entire Infernity arsenal, perhaps even one of the most powerful continuous spells in existence.

This is a card I can talk about a lot. It's first effect is a -1, there's now way around that. This effect does smooth out some of the deck's consistency. Dumping that excess "Infernity Necromancer" or "Infernity Mirage" can help you a lot in the long run.

However, it is "Infernity Launcher's" second effect that adds to its potency: At first, it is a simple +1. It goes, and in exchange you get 2 Infernity monsters from your Graveyard. But what have we revived? The answer to that would be either of our tuners, and "Infernity Necromancer". "Infernity Necromancer" then +1s again into "Infernity Archfiend". Then that "Infernity Archfiend" would plus into another "Infernity Launcher". By the end of that, you've just +3'd into a card that can +3. It was a horrific cycle of raw Synchro power.

Fortunately for our meta, this abomination of a powerhouse is rightly limited. However, it is still vital for any success that Infernity has had for the past formats. Luckily, Infernity as a deck was crippled by "Infernity Launcher's" limiting, and without the deck to support it, it became a lot less powerful.

Every Infernity player will see this card every game and use it to win, or lose trying.

Moving on, the following spells are very basic and serve as nothing more than tactical support.

Search out "Armageddon Knight" or "Dark Grepher". Simple enough. Just choose which you need more. This card is great in Infernity because it thins the deck and reduces the need for more monsters. Like our previous card, "Reinforcement of the Army" is limited, so use 1.

Thins your hand, gives you either "Infernity Mirage" or "Infernity Avenger". It's the same situation as "Reinforcement of the Army". One caution: this card's name is deceitful, it is in fact a -1. Don't use it too early on in the game.

Staple card is staple. Use 1.

Our resident OTK enabler. Better yet, it doesn't blow up your back row! *cough* "Heavy Storm" *cough*

You can use this to recycle "Call of the Haunted" if needed.

More "Infernity Archfiend" plays, or game reversal. Whichever comes first.

The epitome of control. "Book of Moon" is just as good aggressively as it is defensively. I found 1 highly inconsistent, and 3 is overkill. 2 is good though. You can use this spell to ward off any unwanted "Bottomless Trap Holes" or "Dimensional Prisons".

With the decline of "Trap Stun" and the rise of "Royal Decree", "Mystical Space Typhoon" has found its way back into the Infernity main deck. Main at least 1. If only maining one, side the second copy. 2 mained is preferable though.

Fairly obvious. Put what you need in the Graveyard. Be sure to have immediate revival, or you will end up minusing yourself.

"Pot of Overpricedness Duality" is by no means necessary. Use it only if playing a hyper aggressive variant. It tends to slow other variants down.

That's it for the spells. Next up is the traps.

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