Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Is it that time of year again?

What is this? The ban list is confirmed in a month?

Kids, do you know what that means?

"Unnecessary and Irrelevant Ban List Wish List Prediction Time!"

So what's newly forbidden?

Hmm, personally, I think this is a good idea.

This is one of those cards that is far too overpowered for its own goof. If its effect only lasted 1 turn, then I could stomach it, but that is not the case. To 0 for being one of the most blatant OTK enablers and games reversers in existence.

This is one I'm slightly undecided about. My concern about it is similar to "Cold Wave". It's not so much what it does, but more so about what it allows for a player to do. In addition to that, this card has a terrible history for being abusable, especially with the advent of Synchro Summoning and all sorts of other shenanigans. To 0 for being somewhat unhealthy.

No more 3 card FTKs, no matter how inconsistent they are.

If you know anything about the Gusta FTK, then you know why this is limited. No more FTKs.


So now that I have debilitated many OTKs, it's time to see what I can do to control the meta itself.

On to the limited cards!

Many people have been attacking the might if "Black Rose Dragon", but in all honesty, I think this little runt is the cause of our grief. Limiting it still gives the capability of game reversal for plants, but it means they are not unhealthily overpowered (much like "Infernity Launcher" before it). 1 seems sensible to me. It also removes the need for "Dandylion" to get limited, which is an added bonus.

This card is already far too prolific, furthermore, its new reprint will boost those numbers. The intention of this card's creation was to stop massive plays, but being unlimited stops many people from making plays at all. Like "Solemn Judgment" before it, this card should drop to 1.

An odd choice, I will admit. However, this restricts Gravekeeper's as an archetype severely. This reduces their power significantly. Furthermore, "Royal Tribute" will become far less threatening with this card limited. Gravekeeper's will need to find a new play style instead of herpderphanddiscard.

Another odd choice by me. The new six samurai will not get touched; that is something we need to live with. However, the old six samurai have nothing to safeguard them. To 1 to remove any excessive force the Six Samurai may possess.

Let's give DARK decks a reason to exist again. This could cause Infernity and Salvo-DAD to creep up a tier. This card is easily stopped in the current meta, so I could stomach it at 1. Additionally, many people are maining very small monsters, so I do not see this card to be as powerful as it used to be. 1 gives life to a few decks that could really do with it. To 1 for experimental purposes.

Of course, in order to allow "Crush Card Virus" to exist, this card needs to be hit. This card allows for all sorts of ridiculous plays in both Dragunity and Blackwings. For those reasons, I feel it needs to be hit.

Another insane choice on my behalf. Good spell negation is scarce. Until a spell version of "Trap Stun" is printed, I feel like "Imperial Order" is necessary. It stops power spells in their tracks: something I most certainly advocate. It forces players to think twice about what cards they use. In addition, this card is easily stopped and I most certainly think it is healthy for the game. To 1.


So what does Valafar want semi limited?

I just wanted sabers to play more conservatively. This way, "Bottomless Trap Hole" becomes more of a threat to the deck.

Something that shuts down a third of the game should not exist at 3. At 2, it becomes much more balanced, and will become far more like "Trap Stun". I think this is reasonable, although there are people who will disagree.


Here's my "off the list" section.

I don't understand why this piece of junk is on the list. I don't know anyone who uses it now, so it can go to 3. That way, it also mitigates "Solemn Warning" overuse.

What year is this? This card is old. I don't know why it's even on the list. To 3 for being utterly useless.

Why is such an appalling -2 on the list? It can go.

It'd be nice to have ritual monsters be playable. In addition, this card's OTK is so severely inconsistent that you'd have to be mad to play it. To 3.

It sees no play. To 3.

Because I feel the meta is craving its side deck abilities. To 3.

What format is this? To 3.

Why os this card on the list? -4 is -4. To 3.

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