Saturday, 18 August 2012

September 2012 List Review

I'm sure most of you have seen the new list by now. It's fairly certain that it's confirmed at this point, but Konami has been known to throw curve-balls in the past. This post is just so I can share my thoughts about the list, people are entitled to agree or disagree.


Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

I called it. I for one won't miss it, it's one of the most abused and broken cards in the game and has been a component of numerous OTK and FTK plays. This also serves as a pre-emptive hit against Atlanteans, something I don't oppose either.

However, that said, there's now a substantial lack of good lv6 Synchros. I'm glad Goyo and Brio are gone, but I'd like good and balanced lv6 options. Orient Dragon and Gravity Warrior are OK, and Flamvell Uruquizas is decent when the format calls for him, but aside from that there aren't enough good lv6 options. Somewhat tragic considering Zombies now have the cards they need to be competitive back from the rest of the list, but then had their last strong option taken from them.

Future Fusion

Good riddance. This should have gone to 0 back when Chimeratech OTK reared its head 4 or 5 years ago. I'm glad it's finally gone, but the fact that it lasted so long shows incompetence on behalf of the list makers.

I would have liked to have Metamorphosis back in exchange though. Maybe one day.


Inzektor Dragonfly & Inzektor Hornet

I am very pleased about these hits. This doesn't kill the deck, instead this makes it run as it was intended; as an equip based utility deck. With Sword, Centipede, Ladybug and Hopper still all around the deck has no functional issues as some may believe. I think the archetype will still be a strong Tier 2 contender. I can finally use the deck without feeling dirt cheap.

If I could have chosen though, I would rather have Dragonfly get an outright ban and have Hornet at a higher number, but this is fine too. I just have more issues with Summon spam than I do with destruction.

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

I can't complain about this hit either. This also means I won't ever have to deal with the choo-choo train of death. I  can settle for a limit.

This card deserved the hit in its own right, but as for actually dealing with Chaos Dragons and Hieratics? There's a lot left to be desired. Both decks are still fully functional and will have a large meta share next format. Keep your sides unchanged for those two.

Chaos Sorcerer

Excuse me? The list makers have got some real nerve touching this card. Apparently BLS-EotB is equally as powerful as this card. This change disgusts me. This card has never needed to be hit in the history of the game. The list makers have made this card their bitch to be frank, they just won't leave it alone.

BLS-EotB should be ban. God knows why it ever left its spot in the first place. This card should be at nothing other than 3. It's perfectly balanced and has never caused issues. Even back in '05 this card was useable at best.

I am grossly disappointed with this hit. Konami needs to stop whoring boss monsters; I'm sick of it. Boss monsters have been killing the game for years and I wish they'd get hit instead of the decks.


This card probably shouldn't have been banned, so I'm glad it isn't. It's the plant equivalent to Mezuki.

That said, LIMITED!? Who writes these lists?

"Each player can only activate the effect of "Spore" once per Duel."

Who the hell was going to use 2 or 3? Again, this is a real sign of incompetence. I guess I'm just moaning, but seriously?

Evigishki Gustkraken

Seems unfair to Gishki if you ask me, but the less hand loops the better. Not sure if this was the card at fault though.


Was never ban worthy or even limit worthy for that matter.

Wind-Up Zenmighty

No complaints. I'd rather have this hit than WU Hunter. Again, summons spam bothers me more than anything else.

Ultimate Offering

Ban it.


Mandatory Guide from the Underworld

Will still be used with 1 Sangan. If you played September 2009 format you'll remember how people often used 3 Deep Sea Diva with no third target. Fact is this card is still good, as is Sangan. Double TGftU will be common sight (using one to fetch the other; it's still a free Rank 3), and Sangan will still get used because it's Sangan and it always gets used. Realistically this achieves nothing other than making it a one-off rather than something you can do twice. That is until Daigusto Emeral happens.

Yeah, not the smartest hit. Should be limited so that it's exclusive to decks that actually use lv3 Fiends like DWs or Infernity, or even Relinquished decks.

Debris Dragon

I am very pleased. Junk & Debris decks are now viable again. Plus, this is a random toy for X-Sabers if they want to use it. Could easily be at 3 imo.

Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow

I'm not happy with this. They should have Gale or Whirlwind bumped to 2 imo, this card is silly. I'm not a fan of hand-based cards like this.

*sigh* Shriek's coverage will be littered with BWs again.

Rescue Rabbit

Achieves nothing. Should be limited. Once Verz Heliotrope is TCG legal the deck will get stronger again and we'll be back at square one.

The Agent of Mystery - Earth

Should never have been hit, Hyperion should have been. This is what I mean by Konami killing decks instead of the problem card in the deck. Agents will make a come back, which I'm not too happy with. Can't say I like the deck because honestly I hate them more than I hated Wind-Ups. It reeks of solitaire and easy boss monsters.


My arse is still sore, I know what this card is capable of. Terrible move. I expect Airblade reincarnations an Junk Collector decks to become much stronger, which is not good.

Pot of Consistency

It was inevitable really. The hit is understandable, though I disagree with it. I wish this was what happened on the September 2011 list to help neuter the usability of decks like GKs and TGs. Sadly this is one of those cards that helps low tier decks more than it helps high tier decks, so I will miss having 3. Can't say I disagree with lowering staple ratios though.

E - Emergency Call

Redundant hit is redundant.

A Hero Lives

Hieratic Seal of Convocation

Semi-Limiting cards like this literally achieves nothing and doesn't do anything to consistency whatsoever. And once more, Konami can't deal with problems properly. Ban that stupid giant Lonefire Blossom on steroids and we won't have any issues.

Mirror Force

Konami dodging problems. This and TT didn't need to move up. If the list maker were able to hit the problem card (Heavy Storm) we wouldn't have to have every mass destruction trap in the game moving up.

I've said this before: how do one or two face-downs stop 5 monsters? Answer: they don't. The solution is obvious, and this is not it. This game needs more proportionality.




Necro Gardna

Was never a problem.

Emergency Teleport

Not a fan of this card. I've seen what it does at 3.

Destiny Draw

See Emergency Teleport.

Level Limit - Area B

So discrete.

Swords of Revealing Light

In the words of fellow Pojoer and YouTuber:


... apart from Aliens."

Magic Cylinder

Because solitaire burn needed another toy apparently.


The two bans are good, but as for actually fixing the game? Nothing was achieved. Last meta's good decks have been torn down and a pathway has been laid for the next generation of lucksacking and solitaire. I got my Tsukuyomi back though, so I don't care. Once I get my second copy of Goats legalised I can finally have modern Goat Control working.

It's evident that this list wasn't well thought out, and it became apparent what the problem was after listening to a podcast that a few pros did. Hint: it's not Kevin. I probably owe him an apology if anything, but that's another post which I've planned.


  1. Common Konami Logic suggests that the second Chaos Sorc is more broken than BLS, so they decided to limit Chaos Sorc and keep BLS. There is nothing wrong according to Konami logic.

  2. For you to suggest you know everything about formats and what is a good/bad on the limited list implies lack knowledge on the history of the game. To suggest that Tsukuyomi was never ban worthy clear supports this, as back in the day the Tsukuyomi-lock (Faith, Yomi, Pot of Greet/Swords) was broken, though thats not to say it may relive that glory today. Also, quit saying Konami does not know how to make lists or solve takes a team to get together to review the format and deal with some issues, meaning yes, some decks will with it. And im sure the team who comes up with these lists have more experience than relax :D

    1. @hypershadow: I play the April 2005 format regularly and to say give the list makers any credit after hits like AHL, I'm somewhat insulted. The 8 year-olds at my locals would do a better job writing lists.

      You do realise that KDE makes lists solely to sell product, right? And even then they do a sloppy job. There's a reason the competitive community has been frustrated for years.

      Tsukuyomi was good. All it ever was. It's interaction with MoF was fairly minimal and took 2 turns to take effect. If you follow Michael Bonacini's blog, he'll tell you why this got hit. It got hit because little Timmy couldn't spam boss monsters so he bitched and whined until they hit it.

      Tsukuyomi solved most boss monsters in its day; that's why it got hit. In its day it effectively shut down the Monarchs. Tsukuyomi also killed the "run loads of beaters" mentality.

      It's like Chaos Sorcerer: it's good but it has never been ban worthy.

  3. Reason for Chaos Sorc Limitation

    1) BLS can now only ban face-ups as of LCYW

    2) Chaos Sorc is searcheable by a prophecy card released in Abyss Rising