Friday, 2 September 2011

Sanguide Dies

Check out Page 45.

Or this handy-dandy article from Konami.

This section specifically defines what will and will not trigger a “leaves the field” effect. A card on the field that is sent to the Graveyard, banished, or returned to the hand or Extra Deck can activate its “leaves the field” effect. A card that is shuffled into the Main Deck or becomes Xyz Material cannot.
And just like that, Sanguide died. Good bloody riddance. Xyzombies also took a massive hit, since Goblin Zombie no longer gets it's effect from being Detached.

I'm too tried to write up a proper post on this - it's 3:32AM! - right now, but I'm sure you'll appreciate the update. Sell your Tour Guides now before the price crash!