Thursday, 4 August 2011

Turbo Pack 6 Unveiled!

Hello followers of the TMW blog. Here is the current list for Turbo Pack 6:

■ TU06-EN000 Dark Armed Dragon (Ultimate Rare)
■ TU06-EN001 Sangan (Ultra Rare)
■ TU06-EN0?? Masked Dragon (Super Rare)
■ TU06-EN005 Quickdraw Synchron (Super Rare)
■ TU06-EN0?? Fishborg Blaster (Super Rare)
■ TU06-EN0?? Chain Disappearance (Super Rare)
■ TU06-EN0?? Alector, Sovereign of Birds (Rare)
■ TU06-EN0?? Red Dragon Archfiend (Rare)
■ TU06-EN0?? Stardust Dragon (Rare)
■ TU06-EN0?? Zombie Master (Rare)
■ TU06-EN0?? Armory Arm (Rare)
■ TU06-EN0?? Black Garden (Rare)
■ TU06-EN0?? Bountiful Artemis
■ TU06-EN0?? Golem Dragon
■ TU06-EN0?? Greenkappa
■ TU06-EN0?? Kinetic Soldier
■ TU06-EN0?? Transforming Sphere
■ TU06-EN0?? Creature Swap
■ TU06-EN0?? Fusion Gate
■ TU06-EN0?? Gemini Spark
■ TU06-EN0?? Magical Dimension

What is your thoughts on Turbo Pack 6? Is it better or worse than 5? Let me know what you think in the comments.



  1. shoulda reprinted Black Rose Dragon instead of Armory Arm... Otherwise pretty good

  2. Im Liking this Turbo pack, seems like another expensive one thought -_-

  3. This one is pretty decent
    The armory arm reprint is so that they can change the text(preventing armory arm colossal otk