Thursday, 23 December 2010

Perfecting Infernity 1 - The Extra Deck

I thought I'd do a segment on Infernity and how to use it to it's maximum potential. Though the Extra Deck seems like an odd place to start, I believe that it is the center of the deck and without it, the deck crumbles. In this segment, I'm going to cover what should and shouldn't be used in Infernity.

Good ol' "Mist Wurm". This card alongside "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" in the OCG were responsible for much of Infernity's success last format. With the ability to simultaneously provide a 2500 beater and clear away the field for an OTK, this card gained a somewhat notorious reputation and doubled in price to about £30 BPS.

However, with the loss of 2 "Infernity Launcher", many Infernity players have started to favor the "Infernity Avenger" variant (which I will cover in an upcoming segment). Without the ability to compensate for "Infernity Beetle's" inconsistencies, "Mist Wurm" has seen very little play.

If running the "Infernity Beetle" variant in the TCG, this card should remain at 3 due to inadequate level 9 replacements. However, in the OCG, 2 is probably the better option as "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" is generally considered a far more potent option.

In all other instances, run 1. Infernity's ability to produce any level synchros still exists, and sometimes it is necessary to use "Mist Wurm" in order to gain some short term field advantage and possibly rush for game.

*Legality Notice: This card is currently illegal in all sanctioned TCG tournaments outside of North America. This will continue to be the case until a reprint has been released.

Ah, "Hundred-Eyes Dragon". The new boss monster of the deck. This card is responsible for Infernity's survival this format. The ability to copy "Infernity Mirage" to continue looping is a godsend for this deck. "Infernity Barrier" became an essential element in TCG Infernity builds.

Aside from that, "Hundred-Eyes Dragon's" usage is rather limited as it serves more as a game ender than anything else. Use 3 if playing the "Infernity Avenger" variant.

In all honesty, "Infernity Doom Dragon" serves no other purpose aside from meeting the conditions of "Infernity Barrier". Main 1 for that purpose alone.


A clever little combo can be done with these two. By equipping "Armory Arm" to an opponent's monster that has at least 1900 ATK (or more depending on what's in the Graveyard), you can continually ram "Colossal Fighter" into the newly equipped monster. "Armory Arm" will do 1400 damage to your opponent, and "Colossal Fighter" will revive itself allowing you to attack again. Repeat until you win.

Run 1 of each. It is unnecessary to use any more.

This card is an absolute beast in here. It is everything that "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" should be. Due to the chainability of cards like "Infernity Break", it is very easy to capitalize off of this card. It is a monster in its own right and will be summoned about 40% of games.

Main 1 at all times. Any more becomes overkill and eats space.

"Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" is a card that has been troubling me a lot recently. I'll grant that it has a potent effect in its own right, however the whole 'Handless' shenanigans means that his effect will rarely be used. Most of the time, I feel that "Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth" can do "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier's" job better.

If you are in ownership of one, by all means main it. However, it is by no means a priority and should be the last Synchro monster you obtain for this deck.

This card is simply phenomenal in here. The ability to become a 3000 beatstick and attack twice is a very respectable effect. It also allows for a quick 3000 damage, which of course makes the game much easier for you.

Main 1 at all times.

You all know what it does and why it's good. Main 1 as standard. It is unnecessary to main any more copies.

It's the same story as with "Stardust Dragon". Main 1.

This is really down to my local meta. If you find that you are encountering "Dimensional Prison" and "Compulsory Evacuation Device" a little too often, then this is the card for you. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother with this card.

This card is a staple synchro, however I think it is very detrimental to be using this card. Level 7 synchros are extremely difficult to produce now with the "Infernity Avenger" variant proving to be better. Furthermore, Infernity tends to place all of its assets on the field, so you shouldn't just go blowing them up. Run 0.

Good sponge is good. Its basically here to take "Bottomless Trap Holes" instead of your more important monster. If you find it suits you, use 1. Otherwise, run 0.

This is nice way to say **** you to all Machina players. It doesn't serve much purpose aside from that. Main 1 if you want, but otherwise don't bother.

That's it for this segment. Leave a comment with any thoughts you have. Don't forget to click the "Follow" button =)


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